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Carterton, West Oxfordshire


How it all started 

The Carterton Food Angels is an offshoot from the Carterton Community Assistance Group (CCA) which was founded at the start of the initial Coronavirus Lockdown. The Carterton Community Assistance Group provided hot meals for the vulnerable, shopping for the elderly and vulnerable persons, including those with COVID. The Group also provided a Wellbeing phone line for those that were isolated/isolating. There was also a Food Bank provided within the Carterton Community Assistance Group.

Once the lockdown finished and the need for all the Services being provided were no longer required, the Food Bank continued and is continuing still. The Food Bank was renamed Carterton Food Angels. The Carterton Food Angels currently operate out the Carterton Community Centre on Shilton Park.

Other Projects we have done

October 2020

In the past during the early lockdowns we took action when we heard that the government wouldnt be supporting low income families with their children during the October holiday. With the help of the community, Morrisons donations and resources from the food bank we helped to feed over 200 children and their families for the October half term break. These packages included fresh fruit, lunches and hot dinners. 

Thank you to all our volunteer cooks and Morrisons for coming together when times were tough for many!

Where are we based?

No food goes wasted...

No food goes wasted here with the Carterton Food Angels, we aim to be as environmental friendly and conscious as we can. Any food that we cannot use for our food bank clients but is still good to use, goes to the local animal sanctuary and a local pig farmer, where the food is enjoyed by their lovely animals! 


The Good Food Toolkit by Good Food Oxford

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